Upcoming Motorcycle Rallies

Joining a bike club or just being a motorcycle enthusiast will automatically require you to attend biker rallies all over the UK, as the passion that is experienced through attending these events shine through with any bike enthusiasts and club members.

These are annual bike rallies that provide a way for fellow club bike members to meet.

Rock and Bike Festival – 7 July – Carnfield Hall, Derbyshire

The Rock and Bike Festival in Derbyshire is one of the most attended bike rallies in the UK for those who have a passion for both biking and rock music. The event will be hosting two live music tents, camping, beer tents, and stalls.

Three days of camping, over 25 bands, tattoo competitions, trike biking, and more to be enjoyed with the Rock and Bike Festival.

Smash & Grab 9 Rally – 5 August – Stirlingshire

The Smash & Grab 9 Rally is a popular rally in the UK with bands, food, trade stalls, different levels of camping, indoor and outdoor bars, and much more excitement around motorcycles and riding. This is a rally for all passionate motorcycle enthusiasts to have a great weekend together with fellow bikers.

Robbers Dogs Growler Rally – 9 September – Cheshire

The Robbers Dogs Growler Rally is a dedicated bike rally taking place over a whole weekend of bike riding and a passion for motorcycles. The rally has made a name for itself by putting on one of the most popular rallies in the North-West. The rally provides bands, camping, great food, and a bar, providing a traditional bike rally for anyone with a passion for motorcycles and rallying.

Brightona – 2 October – Sussex

Brightona is well known for being one of the biggest charity motorcycling rallies in Brighton and provides attendees with great live music, trade stalls, bike showcases, hot rods, trikes, and scooters. Get a chance to help a great cause and have a great day full of riding, rock n roll, and bikes.

Attend any of the rallies on this list to experience the biking scene in the UK and all the clubs that will be attending.

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