Most Popular Motorcycle Events to Bet on

Betting on motorcycles has become a popular sport for betting due to extreme sports being widely indulged in recent years. The tournament sand championships within motorcycle championships see the speed and highly focused rides competing against each other on tracks and draw the attention of many gamblers and sports fans.

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British Superbike Championship

The British Superbike Championship is the leading road racing superbike tournament in the UK and was once regarded as the most important racing series for motorcycles in the world. Due to the wide popularity of this championship series, it is one of the best championships to bet on when looking for motorcycle tournaments to bet on.

MotoGP World Championship

The Moto GP World Championship involves a variety of different events to bet on throughout each year and is one of the biggest championships with superbikes in the world. At the championships, many different classes of riders compete, including 500cc and Grand Prix. Betting on the MotoGP is widely recognised as it is the most bet on motorcycle championship with winnings such as Marc Marquez winning  MotoGP 6.

Superbike World Championship

The Superbike World Championship is a silhouette-class road racing series based on modified production motorcycles known as superbikes. The championship was established in 1988 and has since evolved into a highly recognised and popular racing championship that hosts some of the most exciting races. The championship involves a series of rounds held on permanent racing facilities.

Due to the highly modified motorcycles that are tuned by the same manufacturers such as Aprilia, Benelli, Ducati, and more, it is a popular championship to bet on.

Watch the events on this list to take part in entertaining gambling and betting options in the UK.

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