Most Important Gear to take with you on a Rally

Bike rallies are extremely popular among motorcycle clubs and provide a way for different clubs and riders to meet up and share their love for bikes. If you are new to joining a club and will be attending a bike rally soon, you will need to have all the essentials for a safe and comfortable journey.

Be sure to have all the excitement on this list handy before leaving on your trip to the rally.

Sun Protection

Even on your way to the rally, the sun will be hitting you from all sides, but you will be wearing all your safety gear and helmet, which also keeps the sun away. Once you reach your destination at the rally, you might be removing some of your safety clothes, and the sun can easily burn you if the proper protection is not used.

Repair Tools

You never know what might happen on your way to the rally or even at the rally. Having the basics of repair tools with you can help you quickly take care of any mechanical problem which might happen on the road. Not only do the basic tools help you, but also any other biker who might need tools.

Especially in a club, it’s important to take tools not to keep everyone back. As most motorcycles will need different tools, one tool bag is not enough.

Tank Bag

A tank bag provides storage for anything you might need fast access to, including cell phones, wallets, or first aid kits. The bag fits tight over the motorcycle’s tank and will give access to anything that is needed in an emergency. When buying a tank bag, it’s important to get a good quality bag that will be able to keep the equipment safe. As a precautionary method, you can keep spare keys in the bag as well.

Cargo Net

A cargo net provides protection to your most prized investment and the reason why you are heading to a rally. At most rallies, your bike might be parked in sunlight throughout the day or weekend and will need protection against the sun.

By attending rallies, you need to have all these accessories as they are essential for a comfortable and safe ride, as well as to have a good experience with your rally attendance.

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