Largest Motorcycle Clubs in the UK

Throughout the UK, there are many clubs to join. No matter what type of motorcycle you have, there are clubs for everyone to join. The clubs on this list are all conveniently located in The UK and have a love and passion for riding motorcycles and attending rallies and, in some cases, tournaments for races as well.

The clubs mentioned on this list take on members, but certain qualifying characteristics need to be met.

White Wolf

The White Wolf club is situated in Essex and was established by a group of friends with a passion for riding. You can join the club no matter what type of motorcycle riding you are into, and the club rides through rain or shine. They look for loyalty, honesty, and respect in anybody who wants to join the club, and they believe in brotherhood.

To become a full patch member, you will need to possess a full bike license.

Silver Knights

The Silver Knights were established in 1982 by friends who had a passion for biking. The club has around 20 members but also many associates who join whenever they want. The silver knights host frequent events in the UK and attend most of the biggest rallies. They welcome all sorts of bikers, including tourers, cruisers, sports riders, and more. IF you love ride-outs, this is the club to join as they host frequent large ride-outs.

The club meets every Wednesday at The Barge in Battlesbridge, Wickford.

Kent Better Bikers

Kent Better Bikers Club was established in 2013 exclusively for riders who had IAM, Police safe rider, or ROSPA qualifications and has grown into a more inviting club by taking members with a variety of skill levels. They have a respect for speed limits and have a dedication to adhering to the system rules as promoted by police riders.

Although the club has a membership cost, it is worthwhile to join if you are looking for a safe driving club that is affiliated with the British Motorcycle Federation and also assists with common biking regulations.

With the majority of respected clubs in the UK being centred around brotherhood and honesty, any member should be highly dedicated to joining a club that is for them.

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